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Bastion Infotech helps software publishers and content owners to protect their intellectual property and digital content from piracy, illegal access and reverse engineering. We implement encryption algorithm to fully encrypt it and then lock it on the strong licensing keys so that it is used by intended user only.

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Software Protection Solution

AuthGuru software protection & licensing solution empowers software publishers to protect their intellectual property from illegal access, unauthorized usage and reverse engineering. Control software distribution and focus on revenue generation.

.Net Exe Code & Dll Protection

AuthGuru .Net code protection assist developers by encrypting the exe code, which make it extremely difficult to reverse engineer the .Net application. Combine application dll along with the exe and thus secure the dll also from reverse engineering.

Document & Media File Protection Solution

Protect document, audio-video files and lock on hardware dongle key. The protected files are encrypted and runs only when the valid hardware dongle is found connected. This helps content owners to fight against illegal access, unwanted usage and illegal distribution.

Software & Hardware License keys and Solution

We offer various license keys in Software and Hardware based license keys. In special case, vendor uses combination of both SL and HL keys. Licensing is applied to maintain the integrity of the application. It helps in achieving controlled and intended distribution of intellectual property.

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