Protect videos, Control distribution and Grow your business

Get the security you need to provide the premium content. Media files are encrypted and runs when hardware dongle is connected.

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Welcome to Bastion Infotech

Welcome to web interface of Bastion Infotech Pvt. Limited - Software Protection Expert. Bastion Infotech offers diversified solution and services for Software protection, Data protection, Web application authentication and licensing keys.

We empower software and content publishers to fight against piracy, illegal access and reverse engineering. Our solutions help customers to control distribution of their intellectual property and focus on revenue generation. Explore our website to learn about our offerings or contact our experts to discuss how our solution can benefit you.

Software Protection Solution

Software Copy Protection Solution

Software Copy Protection

AuthGuru software protection & licensing solution empowers software publishers to protect their intellectual property from illegal access, unauthorized usage and reverse engineering. Vendor controls software distribution and focus on revenue generation.

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Online License Activation

Online Software Activation

Online software activation is an automatic product registration via Internet. Distribute and activate software license key online. Distribute your product with the license key electronically, reduce distribution cost and manage license activation online.

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Software License & Hardware Keys

Licensing Keys

Licensing keys are back-bone of application. Strong licensing is strong copy protection. We offer various licensing keys in Software Licensing Keys (SL) and Hardware Licensing Keys. In special case, vendor uses combination of both SL and HL keys.

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Data Protection Solution

Audio-Video Protection Solution

Audio-Video File Protection

Protect audio-video file and lock on hardware dongle key. The protected mp3 and mp4 files are encrypted and runs only when the valid hardware dongle is found connected. This helps content owners to fight against illegal access, unwanted usage and illegal distribution.

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PDF protection solution

PDF File Protection

Protect pdf document and lock on hardware dongle key. Protected pdf documents are kept encrypted using Black-Box encryption and runs only when valid hardware dongle is connected. Copy-paste and printing pdf content is also disabled.

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Wedding Title & Effects Protection

Projects & Effects Protection

Designing projects and effects can be easily protected. Strong Black-Box encryption encrypts the projects and user authentication is locked on hardware dongle key. The protected projects are useless unless the valid dongle is provided.

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