Software Protection & Licensing Solution

AuthGuru is an industry standard package for software copy protection & licensing solution. It is your key to protect your investment in your intellectual property and puts you in the driver's seat to distribute and control software sale. Use of AuthGuru simply increase revenue and differentiate your product by protecting against software piracy, illegal usage and intellectual property theft.

We have tried to minimize the efforts of protecting an application and strong applying licensing without compromising the security level.

AuthGuru offers easy to use & implement GUI based envelope toolkit or wrapper. Vendors can also use API function to integrate in their code to customize and maximize security as per their business requirement.

  • Protection & licensing controlled by Master Dongle
  • Exe is encrypted using 256bit AES encryption algorithm
  • Copy protection is done using secured licensing
  • Protection solution available with both APIs and Envelope
  • APIs available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Works for both 32x and 64x application
  • Easy implementation with standalone and network application
  • Licensing Keys – software key and hardware key
  • Flexible licensing models – perpetual and time based licensing solution
  • Remote license update
  • Protect once and deliver many approach
  • Secured time based licensing solution – RTC dongle
  • Issue trial license
  • many more...

In general terms the principle of operation works as follows:

  • The exe is encrypted and protected using envelope or by APIs
  • Protected exe accesses the dongle which should be connected to the machine
  • The dongle returns the license and some information
  • The application matches the license and information from dongle and continues execution

The hardware dongle key communicates to the exe in secure way which is not accessible by the end-user. The communication is encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption. Developers can utilize the memory space of hardware dongle key to pass parameter in between.

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The trial license is a software licence copy, which can be installed on any machine but for once. Trial license works for maximum 30 days from the day of installation.

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License Locking Methods

Licensing is applied to maintain the integrity of the application. It helps in achieving controlled and intended distribution of intellectual property. The protected application will run only when the valid license is found thus makes it copy-protected. These licensing can be allowed for single user or multiuser application. Each licensing serves specific purpose.

Machine Locked Software License Key

Software license is intended to work on one machine. Authguru licensing uses combination of Mac ID and Hard Disk unique ID of machine to deploy the license. As these are unique for every machine, license won’t work on any another PC. Authguru keeps the license in the internal memory of the machine in encrypted form.

  • Machine dependent
  • Won't repair if machine gets formatted
  • Do not work if Mac Id or Hard disk changes
  • Less secure than hardware license
  • Low cost than hardware dongle

USB Dongle or Hardware License Key

The USB hardware dongle is electronic device built with micro-controllers specially programmed to serve licensing and security. In this the application gets locked on the USB hardware dongle. As locking is done on USB dongle, application can run on any machine provided dongle is connected to supply license.

  • Doesn't depend on machine type or information
  • Superior security
  • Detachable - doesn't effect if computer crashes
  • Portable - can work on more than one machine
  • Costlier than software license

Machine locked USB license Key

It is the combination of both software license and USB dongle. Locked application will run on the machine where SL is installed and USB dongle is connected. This kind of licensing is used in critical scenarios. If any of these is not found, licensing won’t work and protected application will not run.

  • Strong combination
  • Costlier than SL and HL
  • Dual dependency - machine and USB dongle
  • Won't work if machine gets crashes
  • Rarely used due to complexity

Watch Demo

Watch this video and see how to protect a software application and lock on the license. Unlike other software which only obfuscates the code, AuthGuru encrypt the application exe does copy protection by. 256bit AES encryption provides maximum security to stop reverse engineering. License locking can be done on software license or hardware license key. The demo is using software license.

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