Authentication solution on web application

Website business solutions are important medium for inviting and serving customers. Living in competitive world, web business solution is playing critical role. Being on website it faces issues like illegal access resulting in business loss, compromise with brand value and losing trust among in market. Owners of web application invest most of its revenue in maintaining security for user validation. Instead they should use a third party technology expert for providing desired solution. It helps in reducing OPEX and so pressure for same.

Web Application Authentication

User authentication is most common and always critical requirement of all web business solution. Our web application authentication tool AuthToken helps in assuring valid access to the web application. Implement dual layer security for user authentication leads business in safe stage. AuthToken security dongle are USB hardware keys for server and client. You can implement the licensing on server or at client end. Application will be accessed only when the hardware key is connected. Dual layer works as user has to enter provided user name and password along with the hardware dongle key. So here security is implemented by tangible and intangible means – remembering login credentials and using hardware dongle key.

Our advanced security solution helps customer to increase the value of software by strategically applying and managing protection and licensing. Using an expert third party software protection solution gives software publishers integration of advanced technology licensing and protection, which leads them increase in product sale, great revenue generation while reducing their CAPEX and OPEX.

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