Conducting Business Responsibly

Bastion Infotech is Indian private limited organization founded with objective to deliver solution and services to fight against software piracy and reverse engineering. With the industry specific expertise and skills, we help our worldwide customers to achieve the value of their investment they put in building product by providing result-oriented solution.

Over the past 8 years, Bastion Infotech has evolved from a software security solution provider serving in Indian market to a leading provider of software and data protection solution to software publisher and content owners worldwide.

What We Do

Our strategy is simple, flexible, and focused on providing end results to our customers. We value customer relationship and take steps to ensure customer reach their desired result.

Bastion Infotech helps software publishers and content owners to protect their intellectual property and digital content from piracy, illegal access and reverse engineering. We implement encryption algorithm to fully encrypt it and then lock it on the strong licensing keys so that it is used by intended user only.

Company's portfolio comprises Software copy protection, e-learning solution, Document and media file protection, and design effects protection. Our advanced security solution helps customer to increase the value of software by strategically applying and managing protection and licensing. Using an expert third party software protection solution gives software publishers integration of advanced technology licensing and protection, which leads them increase in product sale, great revenue generation while reducing their CAPEX and OPEX.

Our Story

The company name is derived from the Italian word ‘Bastion - A group that defends a principle’. Bastion Infotech was founded in 2013 with a mission to resolve prime challenges and concerns in digital security that let our customers focus primarily on their core business competencies without worrying about compromising the integrity of their software application products.

During this journey, the company grew product and service portfolio from software protection solution to digital content protection. Company successfully delivered a security solution for educational videos.

With the help of our customers' feedback and success in digital content protection, the company releases proper e-learning solutions for educational coaching and training vendors.

Conducting Business Responsibly