Cloud Licensing for Application & Data

Cloud licensing solution to manage license activation, revocation, user control and optimize software operational cost.

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Protect, automate and manage software application

AuthGuru cloud based licensing solution help you transform how you interact with your customers. A flexible and strong licensing to quickly protect, easily manage and automate the process. Effortless user activation and management tool, revamped dashboard to help you easily operate activities.

licensing on cloud for every business

Key Features & Benefits

User control

Control license activation and revocation anytime

Control user time limit

Define and control user connection time interval

License rehosting

Permit user to re-host license on another device

User information base

Collect and store user details for further communication

Cross platform

Licensing available for all common OS - Windows, Mac and Android

Maximum security

Encrypted license at rest and motion to ensure maximum security

Protection tools

Security APIs and Envelop/ Wrapper for application protection

Programming platform

Supports multiple programming platform and application types

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Licensing Models

Standard License

A non-transferrable license is machine locked. Once locked, works in standard way without any limitation.

Transferrable licenseize

License locked on one device can be transferred to another when needed, but works only on one machine.

Trial license

License for trial period up to 30 days working. After trial, issue license as per requirement.

Perpetual license

License to work for indefinite time. Use this against full payment of license to use forever. Once license activated, it doesn’t expire.

Expiration License

License to work for a certain duration. Once mentioned duration expires, license stops working and requires fresh renewal.

Subscription license

A period license issued in a regular cycle as per your business need, say your billing cycle of monthly, half yearly or so.