Flexible licensing solution for all businesses

Licensing keys and models for software application and data protection.

Software Licensing

Software licensing is applied to maintain the integrity of the application. A licensing solution assist you in managing license keys with controlled and intended distribution of software application.

Licensing is simply the terms of agreements on which an end user agree to use, reuse, share, and distribute your software application. The protected application will run only when the valid license is found thus makes it copy-protected. These licensing can be allowed for single user or multiuser application. Each licensing serves specific purpose.

Software License Key Types

AuthGuru licensing gives your flexibility to implement licensing as per the use case and your business requirement.

Online Licensing

An online license generation tool for application or data licensing. This licensing requires internet connectivity. User need to connect to the internet to activate license. User license activation and revocation can be modified by vendor anytime.

Offline Licensing

An offline tool for license generation. This works where internet connectivity at user's end is a challenge. End user's device information is collected physically in any manner and further license is issued on the basis of that.

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Licensing Models

Standard License

A non-transferrable license is machine locked. Once locked, works in standard way without any limitation.

Transferrable licenseize

License locked on one device can be transferred to another when needed, but works only on one machine.

Trial license

License for trial period up to 30 days working. After trial, issue license as per requirement.

Perpetual license

License to work for indefinite time. Use this against full payment of license to use forever. Once license activated, it doesn’t expire.

Expiration License

License to work for a certain duration. Once mentioned duration expires, license stops working and requires fresh renewal.

Subscription license

A period license issued in a regular cycle as per your business need, say your billing cycle of monthly, half yearly or so.