Hardware based time bound protection

RTC dongles operates independent of system's clock. Means, any tampering in system's clock will not effect on RTC dongle clock. The dongles battery last for nearly 3 years of use. It gets recharged from standard USB port.

Bastion Infotech brings time based hardware keys – Real Time Clock (RTC) Dongles. These dongles contain highly accurate internal clock which helps in defining tamper proof expiration time for protection and licensing of software application and data. For the higher requirement such as Games, Complex Algorithms need, Bastion Infotech optimized its performance in speed, security level, operation .etc. Thus theses dongles can satisfy most customers need.

AuthGuru RTC keys has an on-board clock chip which can charge through standard USB port, and this clock chip is independent from PC so the time-tamper issue will not affect RTC key. Additionally, we add the multiple nodes control strategy to help user set the usage time, expiration time.

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Technical Features

  • Driverless, Plug and Play
  • 32Bit Global Unique Series Number
  • On-board Independent Real Time Clock
  • Remote Time Authorization and Online Upgrade
  • 16K Mass Storage, High Performance and Diversified Data Storage
  • Efficient, powerful and flexible Page Storage
  • 4 Page Data Area with property control, can set ”Read-Only” or “Read-Write”
  • Special Time Node Control, customize time strategy via different time status
  • Convenient Usage Count Limitation, can used to manage software
  • On-board Encryption Algorithm
  • High Level Shell Encryption
  • Support various programming languages

Why Choose RTC Keys

  • High Performance Hardware: Authguru RTC Dongle is a high performance dongle with built-in 32 bit smart card security chip. It is based on USB full speed mode and supports USB 1.0 or above.
  • On-board Independent Clock Chips: Authguru RTC Dongle has an independent high-precision clock chip, which includes rechargeable battery and intelligent battery management unit. With all these functions help, the PC interaction and lasting time issue can be solved efficiently.
  • Large Capacity, High Performance, Flexible Storage: Authguru RTC Dongle has built-in maximum 16K storage space. No limit read, write times up to 100,000. While the memory storage has no limit to read and write, Developer can flexible use these storage to reach best effect.
  • Usage Count Limitation: Authguru RTC Dongle provides time limitation. Developer can choose open or close this function. After setting available usage count, the counter will auto minus 1 until the counter shows 0. In this case, the dongle has to be activated by remote authorization, or user can no longer use it.
  • Multiple Operating System Support: Authguru RTC Dongle supports almost all kind of OS in the market, and has been tested comprehensively, including Windows series both 32 bit and 64 bit, Linux and Mac OS etc.
  • Multiple language support: Authguru RTC Dongle provides a variety of interface to support almost all common development languages, such as C/C++, VB, PB, .NET, VFox, Delphi.

Protection Types

Bastion Infotech brings protection and implementation of RTC keys with Envelope/ wrapper and APIs code both.

The envelope protection encrypts the exe using AES 256 bit algorithm and locks the license on RTC key in encrypted form. On the other hand, in API based protection code is embedded in the source code and protection is implemented and customized as per developer’s choice. Developer can perform custom check on the RTC key to prevent reverse engineering attacks.

Real Time Clock in Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi does not have real time clock of its own to track the time. Every time when it switches off, time reset back and it need to set the time again manually. Or it requires internet to obtain and sync real time. But problem remains when it switches off again.

RTC dongle for Raspberry Pi

AuthGuru RTC dongles offers solution to maintain real time and keep track in Raspberry Pi. AuthGuru RTC dongle have its own internal battery and built-in clock to sync and keep the real time. So if Raspberry Pi goes down, internal clock keeps maintaining the real time.

AuthGuru RTC key connects to the Raspberry Pi via standard USB port. Specific APIs are given to work on the RTC dongle which developer can customize and implement in Raspberry Pi as per desired output and business requirement.

Physical Characteristics

Hardware Specifications Hardware Dongles
Software Interfaces C#, C/C++, Delphi, Java, PB, VB, VC, VS, NET, .etc.
Hardware System
  • 32-Bit High Performance Smart ARM Security Chip
  • 32-Bit Global Unique Hardware Serial Number
  • 16K Data Storage
  • Support Communication Encryption
  • Support 3DES
Physical Resistance Temper evident. Test error three times, automatic protection
USB Connection USB 2.0/USB 3.0
Write Cycles (EEPROM/Flash) At least 100,000
Read Times No limitation
Working Power 100mw (Max.)
Humidity 0~90% (Without Condensation)
Operating Temperature 0℃~70℃
Storing Temperature -20℃~80℃
Dimensions 55mm*17mm*7mm
Weight 8g, including battery
Casing Material Metal