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An easy to integrate powerful licensing solution for license management, entitlement management and automation system.

Software Licensing

Licensing is simply the terms of agreements on which an end user is agree to use, reuse, share, and distribute the property.

Licensing is simply the terms of agreements on which an end user is agree to use, reuse, share, and distribute the property. Prime objective of every software publisher is to protect the intellectual property from illegal access, distribution and reverse engineering.

Software licensing is necessary for software as it establishes above mentioned terms and conditions. It protects the intellectual property rights of the software developer and ensures that the software is used in a manner that aligns with the goals. Licensing maintains the integrity of the application and ensures you get paid for each copy of the application.

Software Licensing

Each use case may have different software licensing requirement. It solely depend on the environment where software is to be installed and also on the how customer want to operate.

We provide both software licensing – software based licensing and hardware based licensing. Both licensing offers all popular software licensing models.

On Premise Licensing

Licensing server is kept in a local network and access to server is restricted to the network.

On Cloud Licensing

Licensing server is kept on cloud and server can be accessed from any location.

Licensing Keys

Licensing keys are unique alphanumeric codes or token to validate the user, and allows to use the application in agreed conditions. The license key token comes in a software and hardware form.

Software Key

This license is in form of a software code. A software license key reside inside internal memory of the machine. These kind of license are non-transferrable and non-accessible to the user, and cannot be used on more than one machine.

Hardware Key

This license is in form of a hardware device, known as dongle key. The dongle key is attached to the device through USB port. Hardware dongle are transferrable and can be used on more than one machine but only one at a time.

Cross Platform Licensing Solution

Our exclusive licensing software AuthGuru offers licensing solutions for all popular operating system platforms. We employ wrapper and security APIs to enable encryption and licensing functionalities. Depending on your specific needs, you have the freedom to select the appropriate licensing keys - software-based or hardware-based.

Platform Supported

Wrapper and Licensing APIs are available for all popular Operating System platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux.

Programming Languages

Well defined licensing APIs are available for various programming languages, including C, C++, C#, VB, VB .Net, Java, Delphi, and more.

Licensing Models

All popular and common licensing models are available to meet your customer and business specific licensing need.

On Premise Licensing

Licensing solution for environment where user network is not on internet or customer do not want to go for an online license activation. You may choose to implement software license or hardware license as per requirement.

On Premise licensing is helpful for solution where user’s machine is not connected to the internet. In such case, an offline licensing solution would work. Where user would need to share his machine information in order to generate license for that machine. Vendor can implement various licensing models as per business case.

You can get benefit of how you generate license, you may choose our offline licensing model which is specially designed for such case or you may use cloud licensing solution to generate license and transfer manually to a user to install and start using software application.

Trial Version

Every customer wants to see a demo first. You can opt to give full software as evaluation with expiration limit. This way customers will see the full potential and all features in action. Later the same evaluation version can be extended to any licensed version. With the trial version feature, way you will get contact details of customer further communication.

Licensing Models

We have a wide range of licensing models that can cater to different requirements of your business. Reach out to us to learn which one’s best for your need.

Machine Locked License

Machine Locked License is most secure licensing solution that binds the software license to a specific machine or device. This ensures that the licensed software can only be used on the authorized machine, preventing unauthorized distribution or usage.

Perpetual License

This is the most common licensing model type, valid for an indefinite time. This works where software is being sold against a one-time payment. The user is allowed to use the software forever.

Trial License

In a Trial License, the user is restricted to use the application for a limited number of days. The usage duration can be up to a maximum of 30 days. Once the trial has expired, the license can be extended or activated using a new license key.

Time Bound License

Time-bound license is works for a specific period of time. Specify a date, which is an expiration date, by when the license will expire and the application stops working.

Floating License

As the name reflects, this is a license that floats around for the usage of the software. This license is usually distributed around a network for the use of software. License is being used on a first come first served basis.

Subscription License

This license model works for a particular subscribed period. This is also considered a time-based license, usually issued in a regular cycle such as a billing cycle of monthly, quarterly, monthly, and yearly.