Control Distribution of media files on Android

Encrypt video files and distribute in USB flash drive or memory card. Videos locked on android device.

AuthGuru Android solution is designed to protect media files on Android from illegal access and unauthorized usage. It empowers content owner to controlled sale and secured distribution of media files. AuthGuru for Android uses Black-Box encryption to encrypt audio-video files which runs only when the respective license is provided. The license is locked on the Android device and license issued for one device doesn’t work on other device. Popular Android devices are Tablet and Smartphones.

Video protection solution on Android

Features & Benefits

  • Mp4 video files are encrypted and locked on the android device
  • A customized player is used to play the protected videos
  • Customized player gives direct play execution environment to user
  • Playing protected video doesn’t require broadband connection
  • Encrypted and protected videos runs only the particular android device
  • Videos files are distributed on external storage - SD card or USB media

How it Works

Media files are protected using the AuthGuru toolkit. To play the protected videos a customized player is given. This player is installed and locked on the Android device. The videos runs only when the license is installed on the device else error will show.

  • Protect video files
  • Install video player to android device
  • Install license to android device to activate video player
  • Run videos using installed video player

As media files are encrypted, videos can be distributed by any media external SD Card or USB flash drive. The USB flash drive can be connected to android device via OTG cable.

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