License Keys, Locking Solution & Models

Licensing is applied to maintain the integrity of the application. It helps in achieving controlled and intended distribution of intellectual property.

The protected application will run only when the valid license is found thus makes it copy-protected. These licensing can be allowed for single user or multiuser application. Each licensing serves specific purpose.

License keys and locking methods

License Keys

Software License Key

This license key is installed or implemented in software form on a machine. To install a license on machine, vendor needs to provide the machine information first, for which the license is to be generated. Software license works only on the dedicated machine.

Hardware License

This is electronic USB device built with microcontrollers specially designed to serve licensing and security. Programmed hardware key enforces copy protection and authenticity validation. Hardware key is to be connected to machine via standard USB port to supply the license. Being a hardware key, it is portable to another machine.

License Locking Solution

Machine Locked Software License Key

This license is intended to work for single user. This license key is installed in form of software. AuthGuru licensing uses combination of Mac ID and Hard Disk unique ID of the machine to make it unique for every machine. This way this is machine bound license. Software license key is not portable. The software license resides in encrypted form in the internal memory, which is not accessible by the end-user.

  • Machine bound or machine dependent
  • Requires machine information for which license is to be issued
  • Won't repair if machine gets formatted
  • Doesn’t work if Mac ID or Hard disk changes
  • Less costlier than hardware dongle

USB Dongle or Hardware License Key

A hardware dongle key is portable license. It looks like normal flash drive or pen drive and connects to a machine via standard USB port. Each hardware dongle key has unique ID on which the license is locked.

  • Machine independent
  • No machine information required
  • Detachable - doesn't effect if computer crashes
  • Portable - can work on more than one machine but one at a time
  • Costlier than software license

Machine locked USB license Key

This is combination of above two license keys – software license and hardware USB key (SL + HL). This provides greater security. License key works only when the programmed HL key is connected to the machine where designated SL key is installed.

  • Strong combination
  • Costlier than SL and HL Key
  • Dual dependency - machine and USB dongle
  • Won't work if machine gets crashes
  • Rarely used due to cost and complexity

Network license is meant for the client-server application. The network dongle which consist licenses keep connected to the server where application is centralized. It grants license to the user and allows accessing the application. Next user is allowed only when the license is free or it is being released by the user. The user releases the license is made available for next user.

Licensing Models

Perpetual Licensing Model

A perpetual license allows vendor to issue license for lifetime or indefinite time usage. This can be achieved in both software license and hardware licensing keys.

Time Bound/ Expiration Licensing Model

A time bound or expiration based licensing allows vendor to issue license for specific period of time. A usual approach is 6 months or 12 months. After specified time, license expires. This licensing model can be applied on both software license key and hardware dongle key.

Trial Licensing Model

AuthGuru gives special feature to issue a trial license. Vendor can issue trial license to let their customer evaluate the application. The trial license is a software licence copy, which doesn’t require machine information and can be installed on any machine but for once. Trial license works for maximum 30 days from the day of installation.

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