Distribute license key and activate online

Online software activation is an automatic product registration via internet. Distribute your product with the license key electronically, reduce distribution cost and manage license activation online.

Software activation must require a license or product key. In traditional method, the vendor used to send the protected software along with the license key. Vendor requires collecting user’s machine information, and then issuing a license, sending back to user to install and activate the software product. Practically, this is complex in maintaining, consumes more time and not a cost-effective way to distribute and activate software.

Online Software Key Activation

In online activation, the license activation is done via internet in one-go. The protected software and license key can be distributed to user via electronic media. Once software is copied or installed, user must need to provide the license key to activate and run the software. User will connect online to enter the product key in order to activate the software. The entered product key is verified and responds accordingly. Once the license is activated, the product starts working. Whereas, in manual or physical license activation method end-user need to send the related information back to the vendor. On the basis of which vendor will create the license file and send back to the end-user to get the product activated.

The software activation process can be carried out automatically. Vendor may offer protected software copies to download via web link, reducing software distribution cost and increase your market presence and brand value. Vendor can also integrate payment gateway to collect revenue against license activation.

Features & Benefits

  • Feasibility license activation process
  • Efficient and effective process
  • Easy implementation at customers end
  • Generated software license or product key is fully encrypted, easy to type or transfer over phone, mail etc.
  • No need to collect user’s machine information to bind license
  • Ease of sharing product keys with distributers
  • Centralized information at the server
  • Save shipping cost to send license key
  • Save time – quick activation process
  • Optional to create and manage server at our end or yours
  • APIs available to create own activation tool

How it works

  • Sell or distribute product along with the license key
  • End-user will connect to internet and apply for license activation
  • Online server receives the license activation request
  • Received request is matched with the supplied key
  • Online server will respond back accordingly to end-user
  • The product is activated at user end or will message for the next action