General Queries - Video Player on Android

Can’t play this video

Video doesn't belong to this course. Contact vendor to get video of your course.

Java Error (Permission Issue)

Player app doesn’t have full permission to access storage and phone memory etc. Provide full access to App and try.

Error updating Licensing

Internet speed issue. Change internet connection, use broadband with bit higher speed. Do not use data connection for internet.

Error connecting to server

Either internet speed is slow or server is not running. Change the internet connection to better speed or ask vendor to check the server.

Incorrect device
  • Wifi setting are disabled. Enable Wifi settings and try.
  • Wifi Mac address of device is changing automatically on Android 10. Use player App version 11 with new license key.
  • Device is changed. Contact vendor to discuss the issue
  • License key is already being used by some other user. Contact vendor to get new/fresh license key.
Parsing error

Phone is old and doesn’t support Player App. Contact vendor to get old player.